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Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, is a recognized sales strategist in the highly competitive B2B marketplace. She helps her clients crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and win more contracts.

In 2007, she launched the Sales Shebang , the web's #1 resource & 1st conference for smart, savvy women who sell to the corporate market.

Jill is often featured in top business publications such as The New York Times, Business Journal, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Sales & Marketing Management, Rain Today, Marketing Profs and Selling Power as well as countless online magazines.

As a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and association events, Jill provides fresh perspectives and a much-needed wake up call to sales organizations. Her Selling to Big Companies website, industry-acclaimed blog and popular e-newsletter are filled with breakthrough strategies, serious provocation and practical how-to advice.


Groundbreaking research study to shed light on how women can be more successful in business-to-business (B2B) sales.

Contact:Chris Bedwell
Selling to Big Companies, Inc.
Phone:(763) 783-9200
Web Site:

St. Paul, MN, June 29, 2007 - What challenges do women face today in business-to-business (B2B) sales? And how are their challenges different from their male counterparts, if at all? Those are the questions the women-owned consultancy Selling to Big Companies and the Center for Sales Innovation at the College of Saint Catherine hope to uncover in the groundbreaking "Top of Her Game" study of women in B2B sales.

Jill Konrath, CEO of Selling to Big Companies, has noted how the business community's attitude toward women has changed significantly over the years. When she first began her sales career in 1978, her employer was forced to hire women in order to get federal contracts. According to Konrath, most of the initial women who were hired struggled to get the support they needed to be successful. There was also much animosity directed at those women because they were taking high-paying jobs away from men with families to support.

"Today it's common to see women in B2B sales. It'll be interesting to discover what these women feel are their biggest challenges," said Konrath. "Our goal is to help them be more successful. We intend to share the results with employers who are interested in enhancing the performance of their female sales reps. We also hope to create additional professional development opportunities for women to fill any specific needs we uncover in the survey."

The online "Top of Her Game" study will kick-off in early July 2007 and run through Labor Day. It will be conducted via the online research service Survey Monkey and is open to any women in B2B sales:

Participation in the survey is expected to be high with a goal of 10,000 respondents by the end of August. The Center for Sales Innovation will engage current and former students as well as their employers in the research. Konrath will be inviting the 22,000+subscribers of her Selling to Big Companies newsletter and blog to participate in the study - many who are women. Konrath also plans to leverage numerous viral strategies to get an even greater number of B2B saleswomen to participate in the "Top of Her Game" study.

About Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath is a leading-edge sales strategist and business advisor who helps sellers crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and achieve their revenue growth goals. As a thought leader in the selling and marketing arena, Konrath speaks frequently to corporate sales forces and industry associations.

Konrath is often featured in top business magazines including The New York Times, Business Journal, Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing Management, and Selling Power as well as countless online publications. Konrath's well-known sales blog, is read by thousands each week and she is a featured writer for the award-winning Duct Tape Marketing weblog.

About Selling to Big Companies
Founded in 1987, Selling to Big Companies is a sales training and consulting company specializing in business-to-business complex sales. Its wide variety of training programs help sellers land more clients, generate leads and create demand for their products and services. Selling to Big Companies has worked extensively with large corporations such as 3M, General Mills, Medtronic and Hilton. Smaller firms aspiring to work with these large corporations also use the sales training services offered by the company. Programs are offered as keynote speeches, ½ day & full day workshops, teleseminars and webinars.

About the Center for Sales Innovation
The Center for Sales Innovation, at the College of St. Catherine, is a national leader in sales education, offering one of the few sales major programs in the US. In addition to sales courses, students receive a broad business background in accounting, finance, marketing, communication skills, leadership, strategy and business ethics. The curriculum, combined with internships, mentoring and shadowing experiences, give students real-world exposure, plus a strong conceptual framework for successful practices in business-to-business sales. Lynn Schleeter, Director of the Center for Sales Innovation, can be reached at 651-690-8762 or via email at

About the College of St Catherine
The nation's largest undergraduate college for women, the College of St. Catherine offers the intimacy of a four-year liberal arts college and the opportunity to complete baccalaureate, associate and master's degrees in a diverse variety of health-care specialties, liberal arts and professional programs. Committed to meeting the educational needs of women of all ages, St. Catherine's offers many of its bachelor's and master's degree programs in both traditional and weekend formats. With beautiful campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the college has a total enrollment of 5,246.

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