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Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, is a recognized sales strategist in the highly competitive B2B marketplace. She helps her clients crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and win more contracts.

In 2007, she launched the Sales Shebang , the web's #1 resource & 1st conference for smart, savvy women who sell to the corporate market.

Jill is often featured in top business publications such as The New York Times, Business Journal, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Sales & Marketing Management, Rain Today, Marketing Profs and Selling Power as well as countless online magazines.

As a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and association events, Jill provides fresh perspectives and a much-needed wake up call to sales organizations. Her Selling to Big Companies website, industry-acclaimed blog and popular e-newsletter are filled with breakthrough strategies, serious provocation and practical how-to advice.


Selling to Big Companies named Top Business Book by Fortune Magazine

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St Paul, Minnesota, October 1, 2008 - In the most recent issue of Fortune, Selling to Big Companies ( was selected as one of eight "must read" that belongs in everyone's briefcase. Other books on the list include sales classics such as The New Strategic Selling, Getting to Yes, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and How to Win Friends and Influence People.

The magazine cites the following reason for its selection of Selling to Big Companies:

Laying the groundwork for snagging a huge contract requires a different approach. Jill Konrath discusses how to break a large company into "bite-sized pieces," including all the early steps, like how to start scouting out local offices of a big company to understand the way it's structured.

"I'm thrilled that Selling to Big Companies has been chosen as an essential book by Fortune," says author Jill Konrath. "It's a very personal book for me. Several years ago, my own business crashed and I had to rebuild it from the ground up. I'd always been really good at prospecting, but suddenly decision makers stopped answering their phones, rolled all calls to voicemail and rarely returned my messages."

Knowing that sellers needed to get their foot in the door to get business, Konrath went into research mode for an entire year to figure out what would work in today's stress-filled corporate environment. What she discovered was that sellers needed to completely revamp their approach for getting into big companies.

Her book, Selling to Big Companies, teaches sellers what it takes to capture the attention of busy decision makers. It provides a clear "how to" guide on how to:

- Target the appropriate companies.
- Research companies & identify potential buyers.
- Create a results-focused value proposition.
- Develop customer-enticing messaging.
- Launch an effective account entry campaign.
- Overcome obstacles & objections.

According to Konrath, this approach is even more essential now that the economy is in turmoil. Companies will be less likely to switch vendors, sales cycles are longer and hot prospects can quickly disappear into a corporate black hole.

Sellers using the approach outlined in Selling to Big Companies have realized immediate success. One salesperson shared this with Konrath:

Using your strategies, I called the CFO and left a value proposition focused voicemail. The next day, the Operations Vice President called me! This entire sales process took only 90 days and last week we won a verbal commitment for $5M in business.

Selling to Big Companies has already experienced significant success in the United States. It has been a top 25 sales books on since it was published in 2005, was selected as a Jack Covert Select Review (800-CEORead) in January 2006 and was the IBM Book of the Month in April 2007.

To see the full list, visit:

About Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath is a leading-edge sales strategist and business adviser who helps sellers crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and achieve their revenue growth goals. As a thought leader in the selling and marketing arena, Konrath speaks frequently to corporate sales forces and industry associations. In 2007, Konrath launched the Sales Shebang – an annual conference for women in sales. (

Konrath is often featured in top business magazines including The New York Times, Business Journal, Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing Management, and Selling Power as well as countless online publications. Konrath's well-known sales blog, is read by thousands each week and she is a featured writer for the award-winning Duct Tape Marketing weblog.

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