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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

Click to download 2 chapters, read reviews or buy it!


Sales Training for B2B Sales Teams

Workshops available in 1-hour, 1/2 day and full day formats.

These sales training programs are based on the strategies presented in Jill Konrath's books, SNAP Sellng and Selling to Big Companies - a Fortune "must read" and Amazon Top 25 sales book for 4+ years. Click here to see Jill speaking.

Selling to Crazy-Busy Buyers

Working with overwhelmed, stressed out prospects requires fresh thinking. They make quick decisions based on relevance and urgency. They see minimal difference between competitors and seem to only be concerned about pricing.

What does it take to capture their attention and get their business? In this session based on Jill Konrath's new book, SNAP Selling, your salespeople will discover numerous strategies they can use throughout the buying process to:

  • Simplify the complexity that drives them to a screeching halt.
  • Become an invaluable resource that customers willingly pay more for.
  • Align with key organizational objectives and priorities.
  • Maintain momentum despite a prospect's tendency to default to the status quo.

By following SNAP Rules, your salespeople will find themselves at the top of their game. They'll be irresistible and irreplaceable, winning more sales at higher margins and with less competition.


Selling to Big(ger) Companies

It's never been tougher for your salespeople to get their foot in the door of big companies. Overworked, stressed-out corporate decision makers seldom answer the phone, roll all calls to voicemail and rarely call anyone back. They have precious little time to meet with sellers to discuss their needs or learn about your offerings.

Making more calls isn't the answer. In today's crazy business environment, fresh sales training approaches are needed to stand out from the crowd. Get your sales team into this provocative sales training session where they'll discover how to:

  • Craft customer-enticing value propositions.
  • Leverage triggering events to shorten their sales cycle.
  • Break through voicemail barriers.
  • Gain access to key decision makers.
  • Position themselves as valued advisors.
  • Eliminate common sales obstacles and objections.
  • Set up & prepare for effective meetings with corporate decision makers.

This sales training session is essential for anyone who wants to win large contracts with big companies. After all, if your salespeople can't get set up that first meeting, there's no way they're going to get the business.


Speed Up Your Sales

Discerning when and where to invest your sales times for maximum return is critical for your success. Making more calls is not the answer! In this sales training program, your salespeople learn how to focus their sales activities so they're only working with customers who are ready to change now without looking at tons of competitors.

Specifically, they'll discover:

  • Why being promiscuous in prospecting decreases success rate.
  • How to define ideal targeted customers based on the key factors relevant to your sales success.
  • How to identify triggering events that significantly increase your likelihood of getting the business.
  • How to leverage triggering events to find sales that are ripe for picking, yet virtually undiscovered by competitors.
  • What it takes to keep on top of these triggering events so don't miss any opportunities.
  • How to shorten the sales cycle when selling to big companies.

Break Through the Clutter

With today's tight economy and overburdened decision makers, it's really tough to break through the clutter and gain their attention. Don't let your salespeople go another day with a weak value proposition. A strong one literally opens the doors of major corporations for them, while a weak one keeps them on the outside. In this much-needed sales training session, your sales team will discover:

  • Why their current way of describing your offering is no longer effective.
  • How to create and use buyer personaes to identify your prospect's most immediate business issues relevant to your offering.
  • How to implement business-value mapping to develop value propositions for the various buyers within an organization.
  • How to craft strong, customer-enticing value propositions that appeal to corporate decision makers.
  • Multiple ways they can leverage value propositions in their sales efforts to nurture executive-level relationships and win more business.

Create Enticing Messages

In big companies, corporate decision makers go to great lengths to protect themselves from unwanted interruptions. They frequently check caller ID first to decide if they'll even answer the phone. If they don't know who you are, your call is sent to voicemail. When they listen to their messages, you just have a few seconds to catch their attention.

In this sales training seminar, we'll focus on what it takes to create customer-enticing messaging. Specifically your sales team will discover:

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes sellers make that cause messages to be deleted before they've finished talking - or objections to be raised.
  • What it takes to immediately establish credibility with someone who would just as soon hang up the phone.
  • Three things that always pique a decision maker's curiosity and are great to include in your messaging.
  • What it takes to "close with confidence."
  • Why preparing a script is absolutely essential and throwing it away before you call is just as important.
  • How to fine-tune your message so that it "zings," but also sounds conversational.
  • How to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their phone conversations & voicemails.

3 Ways to Increase Your Sales with Jill Konrath

1.  Bring Jill in to speak at your annual sales meetings, kick-off events or professional conferences. Her fresh strategies, solid sales advice and provocative presentations are a real wake-up call to your sales force. They inspire your salespeople to try new approaches, stretch beyond their limits and focus on mastery. Jill is available for keynotes, breakouts or full-day programs.

2. Extend the learning after the event. Keep the positive momentum going by following up with a single webinar or teleseminar-or even a short series of them. This ensures you maximize the value you get from the workshop or presentation.

3. Magnify the impact with distance learning. Sometimes it's just too hard or costly to get your group together. But with all the turmoil in the economy, your salespeople need more support than ever before. Jill can put together a series of sessions or develop an entire year's curriculum for your sales organization. Topics could include:

  • Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Economy
  • Email Cold Calling
  • Customer-enticing Value Propositions
  • Leveraging Trigger Events
  • Finding the Elusive Corporate Buyer
  • Voicemail Messages that Work
  • How to Eliminate Objections
  • Secrets of Highly Effective Meetings
  • Launching Account Entry Campaigns
  • Making it Easier for Customers to Buy
  • … and more.

These events can be delivered via teleseminar, webinar, mp3 format or CDs. 


What Others are Saying About Jill Konrath

“Jill is an outstanding consultant and advisor on business-to-business selling. Her book, "Selling to Big Companies" is a landmark. After speaking to sales professionals at my company on the content of the book, Jill was asked to conduct three seminars for some of our sales people. All were resounding successes. Jill is one to watch. And if you get the chance to work with her, you will be impressed."
- Sandra Enoch, Global Program Director, IBM

“Jill's workshop proved to be invaluable to our national sales organization. We documented all of the sales prospecting activity for our sales team immediately following the Selling To Big Companies program and we were delighted to see our appoinment closing ratios increase to 87% in only 2 months! Many of the top level prospects who agreed to meet with us had declined our earlier attempts (in some cases for years). We look forward to learning more from Jill about increasing presentation effectiveness during our next national sales summit. "
- Woody Helfand, Vice President of Sales, Cox Target Media

I've spent 20 years selling solutions to public agencies. I thought that I had most of it figured out until we hired you to show our staff how to sell by not selling! I can safely say that the training you gave us had a better return than any other investment that we made in our business this year. There are maybe three events that have happened in my business life that changed my approach in how I manage; you are certainly one of the three. I wish that I had hired you twenty years ago - I would have saved a lot of time and a lot more money!
- Keith Sheardown, General Manager, Bombardier

“Jill is amazing...She truly "gets it" and "gets it done" with Big Companies. Her energy, experience, savvy, and simply fabulous interpersonal skills make her one of the very best resources to learn from and emulate. Nobody I know can match her insight in how to break into big, new customer relationships! Thanks a ton, Jill!!”
- Rick Pulito, VP, Sales, BI Worldwide

“Jill’s excellent program helped my team transform our sales approach to meet the demands of today's fast paced world. Jill was able to train the entire sales team on not only strategies but also tactics. The impact of her work has been, and will continue to be felt for many years.”
- Jeff Filaseta, Vice President, National Sales, Entertainment

"Jill Konrath's Selling to Big Companies workshop is a powerhouse session for seasoned salespeople who want to put top-level prospecting techniques to immediate use. When combined with her book, the workshop creates a powerful one-two punch. Five stars out of five!"
- Bill Lauf Jr., Corporate Training Manager, Skyline Exhibits

“Jill was the first sales industry luminary that Jigsaw chose to be in our "Sales Leader" program. We did this both because we agreed with her sales philosophy and tactics and because she is more "on the ball" than any of the other 80 sales trainers, consultants, writers or experts that are now part of the same program. Jill has spoken at webinars for the Jigsaw audience (375,000 salespeople) and had incredible feedback. She "gets it."
- Garth Moulton, CoFounder, Jigsaw Data Corporation

“Jill was a great speaker at our sales seminar in Spain. Her presentation was fun, informative and creative. A great help for our sales people."
- George Manka, Sales Director, UniGroup Worldwide, Amsterdam

"Thank you so much for the wonderful session with our sales force last week! Everyone was raving about the golden nuggets of information and common sense learnings.
- Jeanne Chapman, Vice President/GM, Entertainment Publications

"After your session, I focused on learning your value proposition method. Payoffs started coming right away. I now have the biggest pipeline in my 17-year career with the company."
- Jim Cox, Western Region, IC System

"Your presentation was right on the money and customized so well to our audience. My instant messaging, with comments like "best training call we ever had", hasn't stopped since the call ended. I know I learned a lot and I've been in marketing and sales with IBM for 32 years. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
- Steve Wittenborn, Regional Marketing Executive, IBM

“I discovered Jill Konrath at a Carlson Wagonlit Travel national meeting. I was so impressed that I immediately bought her book "Selling To Big Companies" the moment it came out. Our entire sales strategy has been informed and influenced by the insightful principles contained in that book. Since launching our newly revised strategy in the beginning of 2007, we have landed 14 new accounts and have several more pending as I write these words. Jill understands what it takes to succeed in today's challenging corporate environment.”
- Terry Denton, Co-owner, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

"Jill's book came to life with her real life experience and success. She had instant credibility with our field staff. Her messages of how to access and service decision-makers inside companies resonated with everyone in the room. The result is improved efficiency in assisting Minnesota's business customers with their hiring, recruitment and training decisions.
- Erik Aamoth, Business Services Director, MN Dept of Employment & Economic Development


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