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Monthly Sales Training

Cost-effective programs delivered by webinar, webcast or teleseminar - whatever works best for you sales organization.

Sometimes it's just too hard or costly to get your group together on a regular basis. But, with all the changes going on in the marketplace and the turmoil in the economy, your salespeople need training more today than ever before. In that case, we have a whole years worth of sales training that can be delivered remotely.

Value to Your Sales Organization

When your sellers attend this monthly series of sales training programs, they'll discover what it takes to:

  • Deal more effectively with the challenging economic situation.
  • Crack into bigger companies with larger opportunities.
  • Acquire new customers with minimal competition and better margins.
  • Gain access to key corporate decision makers.
  • Increase their call-to-appointment conversion rate.
  • Slash the time it takes to get their foot-in-the-door of large corporations.
  • Position themselves as a strategic business advisor.
  • Maintain a positive, predictable revenue stream.

Your salespeople gets the training they need without pulling everyone in for big, costly meetings. Plus, because the learning is spread out over time, you get a multiplier effect from your investment.

Program Details

We can work with you to pick the most appropriate programs for your sales training needs. We work with multiple sales training experts to ensure that we can bring you the "best of the best. Below is a sample 12-month sales training program agenda.

  • 60 minutes in length, with 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes Q&A;
  • Content: Critical success factors for selling into the corporate market.
  • In-depth exploration on vital sales topics, with multiple examples.
  • Includes PowerPoint handouts or 10+ page workbook.

Month 1: How to Keep Your Sales Up in a Down Economy

Strategies to overcome the challenging economic situation facing our customers today; getting people to make decisions when they're stuck.

Month 2: How to Crack the Corporate Code

How corporate decision makers think; what it takes to become irresistible; implementing a foot-in-the-door strategy.

Month 3: Developing Strong Value Propositions

Learn how to clearly articulate the business outcomes of using your product, service of solution so customers "need" to learn more.

Month 4: How to Shorten the Sales Cycle

Key strategies sellers can leverage to identify opportunities for their offering, where there's minimal competition and lots of urgency.

Month 5: Finding the Elusive Corporate Buyer

Multiple techniques to find the decision maker who is hidden deep inside these corporations – both online and offline.

Month 6: How to Create Enticing Voicemail Messages

Fresh & highly-effective strategies to keep prospects listening, not get deleted and even get a decision maker to call the seller back.

Month 7: Launching an Effective Account Entry Campaign

Techniques to attract corporate decision makers, position the seller/firm as a valuable resource and ultimately set up a meeting in a targeted accounts.

Month 8: Doing Email Cold Calling Right

Highly professional strategies used by effective sellers to connect with and engage customers via email – without being a spammer.

Month 9: Setting Up Appointments with Ease

What to say when you reach the decision maker; how to eliminate objections and get that initial meeting on the calendar.

Month 10: Secrets of Highly Effective 1st Meetings

New strategies to be increase credibility, relevance and urgency in the first meeting with a new prospect; get the sales process off to a great start.

Month 11: The New Rules for Selling to Big Companies

Top sellers think differently; discover the critical thinking skills they leverage to stand out from their peers, create more opportunities and become invaluable to clients.

Month 12: Become the Differentiator

Top sellers think differently; discover the critical thinking skills they leverage to stand out from their peers, create more opportunities and become invaluable to clients.

Other Possible Topics

  • How to Use LinkedIn to Get Results
  • Take the Cold Out of Cold Calls with Online Research
  • Selling to Small and Medium Sized Businesses – Without Cold Calling
  • The Golden Keys to the Gatekeeper
  • Creating Consultative Conversation
  • How to Create Feet-on-the-Street Partnerships
  • Making Winning Presentations
  • ... and more.

We're also open to licensing arrangements that will make this invaluable information available for future sales training efforts in your organization. The sessions can be recorded, turned into CD-training programs, distributed to your existing reps and used to train new hires.

SalesTalk Programs

Tap into and spread the expertise of your top sellers. Create a totally customized teleseminar program that focuses on what your own company's top performers are doing to achieve their stellar results.This monthly sales training program establishes sales development as an on-going process, not an occasional event.

We'll conduct in-depth interviews with your top sellers, getting them to share the innovative sales strategies and thought processses behind their big wins. Each session features stories of exceptional achievement such as when your sales genius:

  • Uncovers latent needs in a customer's operation that leads to a significant increase in business.
  • Wrests a long-standing, highly visible account away from a competitor.
  • Creates such a highly linked partnership that a customer would never consider leaving.

Capture the wealth of knowledge in your own sales force and make it available for years to come.









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