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New Strategies for Selling to Big Companies

Jill Konrath's complimentary teleseminar filled with provocative insights on improving sales effectiveness.

Part I: Listen to Jill share her contrarian sales strategies about what it takes crack into corporate accounts and win big contracts in today's business environment. They're guaranteed to make you rethink your entire approach to selling.

Specifically, you'll learn why you must:

  • Slow down your sales process.
  • Be assumptive.
  • Have fewer prospects and make fewer calls.
  • Offer fewer options to your clients.
  • Stop focusing on product/service differentiation.
  • and more.

You haven't heard Jill talk about these strategies before - yet they're the underlying "meta skills" that top sellers keep secret.

Part II: In this interactive second ½ hour, Jill answers questions asked by your peers. Their questions may well explore issues and ideas you've been pondering. Her answers will help you gain clarity and fine tune your new sales strategies.

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