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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

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Grow Your Business

Need help taking your business to the next level? If so, I recommend the following resources to help you achieve your goals.

Einsof online sales and marketing solutions help companies pull mindshare, generate demand, and speed sales cycles. I use their software to run this web site.

Exact Target
ExactTarget delivers on-demand email software solutions for permission-based email marketing. I use them for my e-newsletter.

Sales Resources

Sales Management
  • Sharpenz Quick & easy 30-minute sales training programs for your team; saves you hours plus excellent sales advice

Sales 2.0 Tools

Online services with accurate corporate contact info & lists

Alert services & connections

In-depth Targeted Sales Research

Marketing Resources

Business Research

  • Google News - Sign up for alerts about breaking news with your clients or prospects
  • Yahoo News - Another resource you can use to alert you to what's happening
  • Business Journals - Keep up to date on announcements with targeted accounts, locations
  • News Link - Info re: local newspapers, non-dailies that cover local firms in greater depth than national sites
  • Technorati - Conduct searches on blogs re: what's being said about your prospects & clients
  • Wayback Machine - Check out the web archives of your hot prospect; see the changes & evolution of firm
  • CEO Express - Business portal that's the home page for lots of corporate executives
  • Corporate Information - Full of detailed information on public companies; registration required, but free
  • Edgar Scan - Info on public companies, benchmarking capabilities and great graphical displays
  • Thomas Register - Focused on manufacturers; find other firms just like your best manufacturing customers
  • Brint - Business technology and knowledge management portal; very deep site
  • Company Financials - Connect to the best financial resources on the web
  • Hill Search - Business reference library providing small firms access to rich databases at low monthly rates
  • CEO/CFO Interviews - Find out what these top executives say about their firm, industry, direction & more
  • Big Charts - Stock charts, interactive charting & research tools
  • Biz Stats - Instant access to useful business statistics, benchmarks and more

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