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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

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Ready to Crack into Corporate Accounts?

A proven sales system to get your foot in the door, speed up the sales cycle and close more business!

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 Which of the following statements describe you?

  • Too many of your customers are still the "small fry."
  • You get trapped in "voicemail jail" and can't escape.
  • Decision makers blow you off or ignore your attempts to make a connection.
  • You need to produce results - yesterday.
  • You realize that your current approach just isn't working well enough and you're finally fed up enough to do something about it.

If you checked any of these statements, you'll likely be interested in this proven sales system that's helped thousands of sellers land large, profitable contracts from well-known corporate accounts.

Getting into big companies isn't a gut-wrenching chore when you use this straight-forward, step-by-step system. In fact, you’ll be surprised how easy it is once stop "selling" and start approaching prospects as a business professional intent on making a positive impact.

Prospective customers actually welcome working with you – and you'll feel totally different about sales as well.

I wish we'd known this stuff years ago… Jill, I can't thank you enough for your Getting Into Big Companies program. We've been selling our services for over seven years and I thought we were pretty good at it.

Boy was I wrong! Your ideas completely changed some of the things we were doing and the results were immediate and obvious. I wish we'd known this stuff years ago. Every new salesperson we hire will be required to learn your methods. Thanks again!

David W. Paulson, President, Accuer, Inc.

The Getting Into Big Companies sales system can also be used to train sales teams. If you're in charge of a group of sellers, you'll find 12 complete training sessions in this CD package, which also includes workbooks and discussion questions.

Learn more about why it's imperative for sellers to change their approach in today's crazy business environment.

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Note: This is NOT a fancy-dancy studio-produced program. These audio programs were recorded LIVE during Jill Konrath's teleseminars.


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