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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

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Table of Contents

Winning Sales Questions: 550 Questions to Engage, Motivate & Differentiate

Chapter 1 - Questions, Questions, Questions

  • On becoming a person of questionable character
  • Quick, but very important tips to get you started 

Chapter 2 - The Incredible Power of Questions

  • What you may be doing, without even knowing it, that actually creates obstacles and barriers to your sales success.
  • The one fatal flaw of most sellers that creates nearly all of their selling problems.
  • How to use questions to create customer relationships you've always wanted.
Chapter 3 - What Customers Really Want
  • How customers really feel about most products and services available to them.
  • How customers choose vendors, suppliers and consultants when they perceive little difference between them.
  • The best way to differentiate yourself from all your competition.
Chapter 4 - Never, Ever "Go for the Close"
  • Why closing skills are a relic of the past and don't work in today's marketplace.
  • The new way to get orders if you don't - and won't - close.
Chapter 5 - Selling Conversations, Not Sales Pitches
  • The radical new paradigm shift of today's top sellers that totally changes the dynamics of the selling relationship.
  • How to prepare for an effective, customer-centric initial meeting with prospective clients.
  • A proven and comfortable consultative process for conducting your customer meetings that accomplishes amazing results.
  • The most important cue that you've slipped out of the consultative mode and are heading towards disaster - and how to correct yourself in real time.
Chapter 6: Highly Effective Initial Meetings
  • How to open the conversation for maximum impact
  • Your role in leading the discussion 
  • How to advance the process to the logical next step 
Chapter 7 - Powerful Executive Meetings
  • How to gather the critical information you need to develop account strategies and align your solution with your customer's critical business imperatives.
  • Over 200 insightful, powerful questions - to ask during client meetings or to guide your pre-call research.
  • Key questions you can ask in the following areas:
    • Mission/vision
    • Goals/objectives
    • Industry trends
    • Strategic initiatives
    • Customer's customer
    • Competitive landscape
    • Corporate culture
    • Organizational structure
    • Departmental overview
Chapter 8 - Turning Prospects into Buyers
  • Why pursuing "low-hanging fruit" doesn't lead to the best sales results.
  • The best types of customers for you to invest your time with.
  • A questioning process that literally transforms customers who are merely frustrated with their current situation into active buyers.
  • Learn how to:
    • Discover valuable information regarding your customer's current situation.
    • Uncover customer problems related to your offering.
    • Discover the "ripple effect" of these problems on your customer's business.
    • Identify how your customer benefits by resolving these issues.
  • Over 150 insightful, powerful questions that generate increased sales at the same time they make you invaluable to your customer.
  • How to get your prospective customers selling for you when you're not around.
Chapter 9 - Winning Competitive Situations
  • The different questions you need to ask when your customer is exploring multiple alternatives.
  • Over 150 insightful, powerful questions to help you:
    • Understand the reason for the change
    • Determine the decision process
    • Clarify the decision criteria
    • Understand players & politics
    • Figure out the financial issues
  • How and why you need to uncover potential showstoppers before they happen.
Chapter 10 - Is Anyone Listening?
  • How to improve your listening skills and demonstrate to customers that you really care.
  • Why being comfortable with silence is such an important skill to learn.
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal conversation extenders to encourage continued discussion.

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