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Sales Philosophy

In today's market where products & services spiral into commodities much too fast, a company's only sustainable competitive advantage is its sales force.

To be successful in sales today, a seller must create value with each and every customer interaction. Corporate decision makers have no time for product-pushing peddlars or self-serving salespeople. They only want to work with people who:

  • Possess keen insights into issues and trends impacting their business.
  • Can clearly articulate the business value of their offering
  • Proactively offer ideas and insights on business improvement.
  • Make them think about new ways of approaching their key challenges.
  • Focus on making a difference, not getting a sale.

Most sellers and sales organizations are woefully unprepared for these radically new customer expectations. Making more calls is not the answer, nor is a better "pitch."

Instead, sellers need to think! They need research, analytic and critical thinking skills to gather information about the client, industry, market segment and more. After sorting through this data, sellers must synthesize it to create ideas, alternatives, questions, plans, recommendations and future visions which they convey through totally customized account entry campaigns, customer interactions and strategies. Finally everything must be evaluated to ensure its efficacy and perception.

In short, sellers must transform themselves into business improvement specialists. This is the challenge we're tackling in all our work with corporate clients these days. It's the foundation of all our self-study materials, sales workshops and speaking engagements. We get sellers thinking and acting differently - because that's what it takes for sales success!

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