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Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Most sellers cringe at the obstacles and objections they invariably hear when they finally connect with the decision maker or the gatekeeper. They babble something that sounds stupid even to themselves. The next thing they know, they're being politely dismissed with a "We're not interested" response. In this session, you'll learn how to get through the "tough stuff" without sounding like a manipulative, self-serving salesperson.

Specifically you'll discover:

  • What prospective customers really mean when they throw objections at you before you've even said a few sentences.
  • What to say when you encounter those common, sales-derailing obstacles like:
    - "I'm too busy."
    - "We already work with another company."
    - "There's no money in the budget."
    - "You need to be on the approved vendor list."
  • How what you're saying actually creates the bulk of your objections - and how to effortlessly eliminate them so they become a total non-issue.
  • What to say if a corporate decision maker actually calls you back when you're not expecting it. (Yikes! You might have even forgotten his name or what company he works for.)
  • What to say when the administrative assistant answers the phone and doesn't want to let you through.
  • How you can gain the support of these gatekeepers so they become your ally in meeting with their boss.

$79.00 Audio Download

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