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Can I Deactivate Elementor Pro? (Truth)

Can I deactivate Elementor Pro

Are you wondering what will happen when you deactivate your Elementor Pro subscription? You’re in the right place to know the answer to that question.

Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders, which offers marketing tools, premium support, and various design elements to make your website stand out in the crowd. You can also try out the free version of Elementor. But if you do decide to go with the pro version, then you need to purchase its yearly subscription.

If you don’t want to use the Pro license any longer or are just curious about what will happen once you deactivate your Elementor Pro subscription, then stick around to find out. All the details related to the deactivation of Elementor Pro are in this post.

So let’s get started right away.

How To Deactivate The Elementor Pro?

If you want to deactivate the  Elementor Pro from your website, then follow these steps in the same order.

Step #1: Go to the official website of Elementor, or you can just click on this link. Now you need to log in to your Elementor Pro account using your credentials. 

 Deactivate Elementor Pro - Active License

Step #2: Go license settings option. It will show you that the status is active. Once you click on the disconnect button, it will ask you for a reason for deactivation, and once you answer that, your Elementor Pro account will get deactivated.

 Deactivate Elementor Pro - Disconnect

As soon as you deactivate your Elementor Pro account, you will lose all the designs you’ve created with the help of Elementor Pro. The free designs will remain if you have Elementor free plugin installed. Otherwise, you will lose all your progress.

What Changes My Website Will Have After Deactivating Elementor Pro?

Once you deactivate your Elementor Pro subscription, your website will stop showing all the designs you’ve created using Elementor Pro. The fantastic features, designs, and marketing options will not be visible anymore. If you have created a few options or designs using the Elementor Free version, then they will remain intact.

All the options will come back as soon as you activate your Elementor Pro subscription back again. You need to ensure that what parts of your website are designed with the Pro version before deactivating the license.

Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro

If you want to design a simple website with a few features, then the Elementor Free version is the best choice. You also get some of the similar features of the Elementor Pro in this version. In the free version, the smooth interface experience is similar to the Elementor Pro version.

You can customize your website entirely, even with the standard version. It can do wonders for you, and you might not buy the Elementor Pro version. Some of the standard features you will find in both versions are responsive mobile editing, visual drag & drop builder, and customizable templates.

The exclusive features that you will only find in Elementor Pro are custom CSS, social integrations, animated headlines, custom fields, forms, theme elements & widgets, lightbox, etc. If you decide to deactivate the Elementor Pro, then you will lose all of these fantastic features.

What Will Happen If I Let My Elementor Pro Subscription Lapse?

Letting your subscription lapse and deactivating your Elementor Pro subscription are two different things and their results are also different. If you do not renew your subscription, then your website will not face any changes for some time. But you will not get access to your Elementor Pro account and its unique features.

If you keep on updating your Elementor plugin, then your website won’t have any effects none whatsoever. But once you update the plugin, a few features might break in your website, and your premium templates will turn into free templates. 

If you want to let your subscription lapse or deactivate your Elementor Pro account, then you should prepare your website for the changes so that it will not face significant changes which might break your website.

How To Transfer Your Elementor Pro Subscription?

You don’t need to deactivate your Elementor Pro subscription if you want to use it on another website. Elementor Pro offers you to transfer your Elementor pro subscription to another website for free of cost. You don’t need to purchase another license or upgrade your Elementor Pro subscription.

You have to go to the License Settings and then select the Switch Account option. Enter a new email address and website to transfer your Elementor Pro subscription to that website. You can also easily switch to any other website from the Elementor Pro dashboard.

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Conclusion: Deactivate The Elementor Pro (2024)

You should definitely know about the changes your website will face once you deactivate the Elementor Pro subscription. If you want your website to be intact like it is right now, then you should think before deactivating Elementor Pro or letting its subscription lapse. Let me know your thoughts on Elementor Pro in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to fix the Elementor loading problem?

The loading problem of Elementor only occurs when the content of the page is not loading in a well-timed manner. To fix this problem you need to optimize the content of the page. 

What will happen if I deactivate Elementor pro?

If you have deactivated your Elementor pro account all your active projects will be canceled, but for an active account, all your projects will continue until they expire.

How can I use Elementor?

Elementor is the most powerful online platform that helps you to build and manage the website. It also offers many robust features which help you in creating stunning websites.

Can I delete the free plugin if I install the pro version? 

No, you can’t delete a free plugin, as Elementor Pro is the addon to its free version. The Elementor Pro can’t work without a free plugin. 

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