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Elementor Pro Discount Code 2024 | 35% Off [MAY]

Are you looking for a valid Elementor Pro discount code? Well, you have landed on the right page. 

Here’s the catch!

Elementor Pro

The thing is, Elementor doesn’t offer any third-party Elementor Discount Code. However, they offer deals and discounts throughout the year 🔥

We suggest, keep checking the official promotion page of Elementor.

These are the promotions that Elementor runs — Black Fridays Sales, Cyber Monday Sales, and Birthday Sales. However, you should keep checking the official promotion page of Elementor.

  • Black Friday Sales — November (Not Live)
  • Cyber Monday — November (Not Live)
  • Birthday Sales — June (Upcoming)

We suggest you check the official promotions page of Elementor Pro to get the best deals and discounts on Elementor Pro. 

In this post, we’ll guide you to claim the Elementor Discount Offer if available. What’s more, we’ll also help you choose the right plan as per your needs and requirements. So let’s dive in.

How to Claim Elementor Pro Discount Code Easily (Step by Step)

In this section, we’ll guide you to easily claim the Elementor Pro discount if it’s running at that time. Follow the guide to claim the discount offer. 

Step #1: In the very first step, visit the official promotion page of Elementor. You can visit the official promotion page of Elementor here.

Elementor Overview

Step #2: Once you land on the promotional page of Elementor, you will get to see the available Elementor pro discount (if any available at that time). Now you have to choose one plan and then just click on the “Buy NOW” button. 

Elementor Pricing

Step #3: Once you click on the “Buy NOW” button, you must enter the payment details correctly. Just enter the payment details properly and make the payment. 

Create An Account On Elementor

VOILA! This is how you can make use of Elementor Pro discount codes to get exclusive discounts. 

Note: Once the payment is made successfully, you will receive an email with the login credentials to the my.elementor.com page. On that page, you can log in and manage your Elementor Pro subscriptions.

Elementor Pro Pricing Explained 

The best part that we liked about Elementor is — it has an affordable pricing structure.

Using our exclusive Elementor Coupon Codes you can still claim exclusive offers on Elementor.

 Even they provide a fully-fledged free Elementor plugin that helps you craft stunning sites for FREE. The free version of Elementor comes with limited features. However, the Elementor Pro plans offer a plethora of robust features.

Let’s check the available Elementor Pro pricing plans here. 

Elementor Pricing Plan
  1. Essential Plan — For Single Website 

The Essential plan costs $59 yearly for a single website. The essential plan comes with all essential and advanced features of Elementor Pro, such as — basic & pro widgets, theme builder, and drag-and-drop live editor. 

  1. Advanced Plan — For 3 Pro Websites

The Expert plan is the most popular plan of Elementor Pro; it costs $99/year. The Expert plan allows you to use Elementor Pro on 3 WordPress websites. Moreover, this plan comes with all the essential and advanced design features that Elementor Pro offers. This plan also comes with — Elementor Expert Profile. 

  1. Expert Plan — For 25 Pro Websites

The Studio plan costs $199 yearly, which allows you to use Elementor Pro on 25 WordPress websites. The plan has all the advanced design features that Elementor offers. The plan is best suited to freelance designers who design websites for clients.  This plan also comes with two extra features — VIP support and an Elementor Expert profile. 

  1.  Agency Plan — For 1000 Pro Website

The Agency Plan of Elementor Pro costs $399 yearly. The Agency plan allows you to use Elementor Pro on 1000 WordPress websites. The Agency plan is best suited to design agencies and experts looking to craft stunning WordPress websites on the go. The plan has all the robust features — 300+ Basic & pro templates, 60+ Pro Website Kits, Theme Builder, etc. 

Elementor WordPress Hosting Pricing

There are four pricing options available for Elementor WordPress Hosting, and here we have explained all of them in brief:

Elementor WordPress Hosting Plans

1. Basic Plan — For 1 Website

The first-year pricing of this plan is $120 ($9.99/month) after that, you will be charged $180/year ($14.99/month). With this plan, you will get a 25K monthly visit limit, 10 GB storage, free migration, free 14 days backup, and all the Elementor Pro features.

2. Business Plan — For 1 Website

The first-year pricing of this plan is $240 ($19.99/month) after that, you will be charged $300/year ($24.99/month). With this plan, you will get a 50K monthly visit limit, 20 GB storage, staging environment, 50 GB/month bandwidth, free 30-day backup, and all the Elementor Pro features.

3. Grow Plan — For 3 Websites

The first-year pricing of this plan is $275.88 ($22.99/month) after that, you will be charged $396/year ($32.99/month). With this plan, you will get a 75K monthly visit limit, 25 GB storage, site cloning feature, 75 GB/month bandwidth, and similar features from the previous plans.

4. Scale Plan — For 10 Websites

The first-year pricing of this plan is $599.88 ($49.99/month) after that, you will be charged $720/year ($59.99/month). With this plan, you will get a 100K monthly visit limit, 40 GB storage, 100 GB/month bandwidth, and similar features from the previous plans.

Which Elementor Plan To Choose? 

It all depends on your capacity, besides an expert network profile and VIP support, all the features are available on all its plans. It all comes down to the website you want to build. 

If you are a beginner and want to try on a couple of websites, then you can go with the Advanced plan, but if you are looking forward and want more options with robust features, you can go with all other plans according to your need.

Elementor Vs Elementor Pro (Which One To Choose)

Well, if you’re still figuring out which one to choose between Elementor vs Elementor Pro — we have got you back. 

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The thing is, Elementor has a free version that enables you to create stunning WordPress websites quickly and easily. The Elementor free version comes with a basic set of design features and templates that Elementor offers. 

On the other hand, the Elementor Pro plan provides a ton of robust features and design options. The best part is that Elementor Pro comes with 300+ basic & pro templates, making website creation easy. Other cool features, such as Theme Builder, make it super easy to tweak your WordPress themes. With the Theme Builder, you can easily create — a header, footer, single post pages, popups, and so on.

Well, for the complete Elementor Free vs Pro comparison, here is the detailed table below:

FeaturesElementor FreeElementor Pro
Drag & Drop Builder✔️✔️
Mobile Editing✔️✔️
Landing Page Builder✔️✔️
Hello Theme✔️✔️
Premium Support✔️✔️
300+ (Pro Templates & Blocks)✔️
Sticky Elements✔️
Theme Elements✔️
Header & Footer✔️
Sticky Header✔️
Single Post✔️
Archive Page✔️
WooCommerce Widgets✔️
Role Manager✔️
20+ Dynamic Widgets✔️
Custom CSS✔️
Custom Fonts & Adobe Typekit✔️
Slide & Carousel✔️
Scrolling Effects✔️
Animated Headlines✔️
Flip Box✔️
Social Button Integration✔️
Social Proof Widgets✔️
Evergreen Countdown Timer✔️
15+ Marketing Widgets✔️

We hope this table helps you understand the key difference between Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro. 

Why We Want Elementor Pro? 

Anyone who wants to create a professional website for themself or for a customer then you will require a page builder. Even if Elementor comes with the free version, it offers very limited features. You can upgrade your subscription to get access to robust features which help you to design your website. Here we have listed the features offered by Elementor Pro. 

  • Theme Builder: The theme builder of Elementor gives the power to manage and design the whole framework of the website under one roof. 
  • Drag & Drop Editor: This feature help users drag-drop any components or widgets to the page they are planning to design. You can also spot the real-time changes as well. 
  • Website Kits: So, if someone doesn’t like to design the website from the beginning for that, you have more than 90+ website kits to use from Elementor Pro to design the website after that, you can personalize the page you want. 
  • Safe Mode: With Elementor Pro safe mode option, you can isolate the themes and plugins so it doesn’t cause any error in designing your website. 
  • Integration: Now, you can integrate Elementor plugin into your favorite tools and plugins to increase the efficiency of the website. 

Pros & Cons Of Elementor Pro: 

Here we have listed the pros & cons of Elementor that you should know. Let’s have a look. 


  • Live visual page editor 
  • Offers additional customization option 
  • Work as front-end visual page builder 
  • Number of editing tools which includes drag and drop editor 
  • Allows you to build a custom page layout 
  • Create a quick, lag-free design experience 


  • Limitations in the free plugin 
  • Some of its big updates have some glitches 

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Final Verdict: Elementor Pro Discount Code (2024)

We hope this post helped you get the real picture of the Elementor Pro Discount Code. The thing is, you will find hundreds of sites offering Elementor Coupon & Discount Code. However, none of them works — Elementor doesn’t offer any third-party coupons and discount codes.  We suggest you keep checking our Elementor Pro Discount code post, as we keep it updated with the available promotions.

Thanks to the Source of Elementor Pro Coupons: Demand Sage

Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments section. 

FAQs on Elementor Pro Discount Code

Is there any official Elementor Pro Discount Codes & Promo Code? 

The thing is, Elementor doesn’t offer any third-party discount codes and coupons. However, they offer discounts and sales during — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Birthday Sales. 

How to easily find working Elementor Discount Codes?

We suggest you keep checking this page as we keep it updated with the available Elementor Pro promotions. Other than that, we suggest you keep checking the official promotion page of Elementor. 

Is there any Elementor Studnet Discount?

There is no official info that says Elementor offers any discounts for students. If you have any queries regarding the same, we suggest contacting their customer support. 

Is there any Elementor Trial?

No Elementor doesn’t offer any free trial offer. However, they do offer 30 day money-back guarantee. That means you can try Elementor without any risk. 

What payment process does Elementor Pro accept?

Elementor Pro accepts Stripe, Paypal, and all major types of credit cards.

Are there any hidden fees charged by Elementor Pro?

Absolutely not; there is no any kind of hidden fees on Elementor Pro, and its subscription has a fixed price which is charged annually.

Can I change from one Elementor plan to another?

You can change one Elementor plan to the higher version plan at any time. For any help, you can contact its customer support team.

Do they offer any student discounts?

There is no official student discount offered by Elementor Pro, but they soon announced this discount. 

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