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Adplexity Coupon 2024 – [Lifetime 30% Discount Offer]

AdPlexity Coupon

Are you in search of a working Adplexity Coupon? Well, your search just ended right on this page because I have mentioned available Adplexity Coupons in this post.

Adplexity is a fantastic ad spy tool that allows you to surf through thousands of ads based on mobile, desktop, eCommerce, and so on. Most of the affiliates use Adplexity to find out what their competitors are doing in their ads. They use their competitor’s strategy and add something of their own to gain the upper hand over their competitors. 

If you think Adplexity is out of your budget, then check out these coupons for Adplexity that can save you a lot of money. I have also mentioned a step-by-step guide to claiming this coupon offer without any hassle. Let’s get into all the juicy details.

Available Adplexity Coupons And Discounts Codes (2024)

Adplexity offers deals & discounts on special occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year. If you miss out on these incredible offers, then don’t worry use these coupon offers that still can save you money.

  • Use this coupon to save 30% on Adplexity Push for a lifetime.
  • This coupon will save you 25% on Adplexity Mobile for a lifetime.
  • This coupon gives you a 25% discount on Adplexity Desktop for a lifetime.
  • This coupon gives you a 30% discount on Adplexity Native for a lifetime.
  • This coupon gives you a 25% discount on Adplexity Adult for a lifetime.
  • This coupon gives you a 30%  discount on Adplexity Carriers for a lifetime.

Use any of the above coupons to get a maximum discount of 30% on Adplexity products. These coupons also give you a lifetime discount on Adplexity.

How To Claim Adplexity Coupon Discount Codes Offers Easily?

Follow this step-by-step guide to claim these offers to get a discount on your purchase.

Step #1: You will not see the offer if you visit the website manually. You need to go through this discount link that will take you to the official website of Adplexity. All the offers will show up on your screen.

Adplexity Coupon  - Official Page

Step #2: You will get six options for Adplexity products & discounts. You need to select any one of the offers based on your requirements. To showcase you guys, I am selecting the Adplexity Native to offer.

Adplexity Offer Plan

Step #3: You will be redirected to the account creation page. Here they will show you the final pricing for the membership type you’ve selected. You can select from three different payment methods: PayPal, BitPay, and Stripe. The coupon will already be applied in the coupon code box.

AdPlexity Create Account

Step #4: Now, you need to enter your email address, Skype ID, username, and password and confirm the password option. Tick mark the terms & conditions box, and once you’re done filling up everything, click on the “next” option.

Step #5: They will show you the base pricing and pricing after the discount on the payment info page. They will also ask you to enter your name, country, city, street, postcode, and credit card information. Once you fill in all the details, just click on the “Subscribe and Pay” button.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Now you can use your selected Adplexity product to spy on your competitors.

Adplexity Overview: 

Adplexity is the most trusted and reliable worldwide spy tool. As you enter this platform, you can easily detect and download ad material like landing pages, banners, and many more. 

Adplexity Overview

Adplexity is the leading competitive intelligence platform that affiliate marketers use for eCommerce, native, mobile, and adult ads. It provides you with real-time insight into different P.C. and mobile ad exchange campaigns so that you can discover profitable ones within a single click.

Pricing Plans of Adplexity

There are six different products available on Adplexity. All of them have different pricing plans and features. Let’s take a look at all of them.

1. Adplexity Mobile: The monthly cost of Adplexity Mobile is $199/mo, and the yearly cost is $1990/year. You can get two months off if you select the annual plan of any product of Adplexity. Adplexity Mobile gives you access to features like pop-up ads data of 5 networks, Android in-app ads data of 5 networks, mobile display web ads data up to 15 exchanges, an easy-to-use interface, and landing page downloads in 1 click, and chat & email support.

2. Adplexity Desktop: The monthly cost of Adplexity Desktop is $199/mo, and the yearly cost is $1990/year. With Adplexity Desktop, you will get access to pop-up ads data of 4 networks, desktop display ads data up to 15 exchanges, data from all major browsers, an easy-to-use powerful interface, download landing pages in 1 click, and chat & email support.

3. Adplexity Native: The monthly cost of Adplexity Native is $249/mo, and the yearly cost is $2490/year. Adplexity Natives gives you access to native ads data of 7 networks, data from all major devices, data from all major browsers, one-click landing page downloads, and email & chat support.

4. Adplexity Push: The monthly cost of Adplexity Push is $149/mo, and the yearly cost is $1490/year. With Adplexity Push, you will get access to push ads data of more than ten networks, an easy-to-use interface, one-click landing page downloads, and 24*7 customer support.

5. Adplexity eCommerce: The monthly cost of Adplexity eCommerce is $199/mo, and the yearly cost is $1990/year. Adplexity eCommerce gives you access to real-time data of top trending products, 100K+ stores, 70M+ products, see historical pricing changes, revenue-boosting apps, and a powerful, easy-to-use interface.

6. Adplexity Carriers: The monthly cost of Adplexity Carriers is $149/mo, and the yearly cost is $1490/mo. You will get to transfer 500MB of data every month. It also gives you access to 3G/LTE proxies that are available in more than 80 mobile carriers in 30+ countries.

So these are the Adplexity products and their pricing & features. Now select any one of the products and purchase it using my exclusive coupon.

Pros & Cons Of Adplexity

Here we have given the pros and cons of Adplexity. Let’s have a look. 


  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Powerful filter operation 
  • Gives you real-time data
  • Support all web browsers 
  • Scrape campaign in more than 75+ countries 
  • Allows you to download landing pages 
  • 27*7 dedicated customer support 


  • Don’t have any free trial  
  • A little bit costly for the beginners 

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Conclusion: Adplexity Coupon & Discount Codes (2024)

Adplexity is the best tool to determine what type of landing pages your competitors are using on their ads. You can download their landing pages in just one click only with Adplexity. You can search hundreds of thousands of ads and filter out to find the best-performing ads.

I hope this post serves your purpose, and if you still encounter any issues in claiming these coupon offers, then drop a comment in the comment section below.

FAQs On Adplexity Coupon

Does Adplexity offer any free trial?

No, there is no free trial available on any of Adplexity products. You need to purchase one of the Adplexity products to experience this ad spy tool.

Does Adplexity offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Adplexity offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee to its users. You can not get a refund if you apply for a refund after this time period.

Is Adplexity accurate?

Yes, Adplexity is accurate to the point because they show you all the ads that are running on wifi and carrier traffic. You will only get all the real-time data on Adplexity.

Which Countries does Adplexity support?

Adplexity supports countries like Australia, USA, UK, France, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, India, Venezuela,  Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Israel, Romania, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, Philippines, Luxembourg, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, and Italy.

Which Ad network does it support?

Adplexity supports Yahoo Gemini, RevContent, Taboola, Outbrain, Content.Ad, AGID, and AdNow.

How much discount do I claim on Adplexity?

Using our exclusive coupon code, you can get upto 30% discount on Adplexity.

How much discount do I get on Adplexity?

You can get a flat 30% discount for your lifetime using our exclusive discount link.

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