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9+ Best Moz Alternatives In 2024: (UPDATED)

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Are you open to looking into options than Moz? There are more SEO software options besides Moz Pro. Look into other competitive choices. Many individuals are looking for cutting-edge, top-notch software solutions with keyword research, SERP rank tracking, and backlink monitoring because SEO software is a commonly used technology. When looking for Moz Pro competitors, you should keep dependability and ease of use in mind. 

This article covers all the Top Moz Alternatives, their best features, and other helpful information.

Top 9 Moz Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

Best Moz AlternativesKey FeaturesMajor ApplicationRating out of 5
1. SemrushResearch on keywords
On-Page SEO
Competition Research
Content marketing
Sharp tools for your Amazon business, etc.
Small to high-level businesses4.6
2. AhrefsSite Navigator
Keyword Finder
General site audit plugin for WordPress SEO.
To grow search traffic and optimization of websites4.5
3. BrightEdgeCompetitive analysis, customizable dashboards, reporting, and forecastingHelps to generate more organic traffic4.2
4. RavenIncludes Social media, advertising, including tools for keywords & competitors’ research Focuses on-site tracking, site audits, and reporting4.4
5. ContentKingOffers instant access to crucial SEO data for a website, particularly concerning problems with on-page indexability. Its user interface is a significant assetIt Keeps track of your website 24/74.9
6. Silk TideContent, analytics, and user experience are all important factors. Mobile, SEO, Inspector, and Integrations are all topics.A strong web governance platform helps large enterprises4.8
7. Similar Web ProWebsite statistics, engagement metrics, and Industry study for mobile apps Check the device traffic share here. Display networks and competitors’ adverts SideIt helps in growing corporate business using website analytics and market intelligence4.5
8. SerpstatResearch on keywords. Tracking. Trends for keywords. Content evaluation. Backlink Examination. Analyze in batches. Competitive Research.SERP. Local. SEO.Serpstat provides keyword research, analytics, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and other services related to search engine optimization (SEO).4.6
9. SpyfuKey features consist of keyword rank tracking, access to APIs, SERP analysis,  SEO performance analysis, and more.Digital marketers can perform better in online searches by using the keyword research and competition intelligence tool SpyFu.4.6

1. Semrush

Semrush seo tool

When it comes to an all-in-one SEO tool that is outstanding in all key areas – competitor analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, content and technical audits, backlink analysis, white-label reporting, and even PPC analysis – SEMrush is the market leader.

Top Features

Over 45 SEO tools are available to you through Semrush, and among its many features are the following:

  •  Keyword Research Tools, such as Keyword Magic
  • Tools for on-page SEO to check and improve your pages
  • Tools for analyzing competitors
  • Tools for content marketing are available
  • Tools for local SEO
  • Rank monitoring
  • Link creation
  • Facebook management
  • PPC keyword analysis


Semrush pricing page

The three Semrush price bundles are as follows:

Plan for Semrush Pro ($119.95 per month)

Plan for Semrush Guru ($229.95 per month)

Plan SEMRUSH BUSINESS ($449.95 per month)

Better Savings plans 

The Semrush pricing plans are listed below (annual billing saves you 16%);

For a year, a Semrush Pro Account costs $99.95/mo (billed annually)

For a full year, a Semrush Guru Account costs $191.62 each month (billed annually)

For a year, Semrush Business Account costs $374.95/mo (billed annually)

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs by keyword explorer

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer is a fantastic tool for learning which content categories for a rival or a certain sector receive the most traffic, social engagement, and/or backlinks.

It is also integrated with other Ahrefs platform SEO tools, allowing you to view traffic, backlink, and engagement analytics for various pieces of content.

Top Features

  • Website optimization tool: Site Audit
  • Utilize the Site Explorer tool to research your competition.
  • Using the Keywords Explorer tool, locate more effective keywords
  • Use the Articles Explorer tool to find the best content in any niche.
  • To track your keyword ranks, use the Rank Tracker tool.
  • Comparison of domains
  • Content Gap
  • Analysis in Batch


Ahrefs Pricing page

You can choose from the four pricing tiers that Ahrefs provides.

The cost of the Ahrefs Lite plan is $99 per month.

You must pay $179 each month for the Ahrefs Standard plan.

The cost of the Ahrefs Advanced plan is $399 per month.

You must pay $999 every month for the Ahrefs Agency plan.

3. BrightEdge

The BrightEdge platform integrates SEO and business

The BrightEdge platform integrates SEO and business KPIs into one-click reports, offers actionable advice on increasing your organic search traffic proportion, and enables SEO managers and professionals to concentrate their efforts for the greatest possible benefit.

Key Features

  • Provide Reverse index search-The first ever patented “reverse index” of the internet, SEO X-Ray analyses your content’s performance footprint in-depth and makes comparisons with the market.
  • Share of Voice- BrightEdge’s patented Share of Voice technology gives you a quick overview of all of your competitors in your market for any set of keywords or product line. It enables you to go further into their strategies to generate internet traffic.
  • Application of competitive map-Using BrightEdge’s competitive map, it is simple to see which websites dominate particular keywords and keyword clusters and the relative strength of those positions.
  • Recommend offers from competitors -BrightEdge automatically offers competitive recommendations ranked according to impact, risk, and difficulty so you can concentrate on the best chances to boost traffic and sales.
  • BrightEdge Backlink Administration
  • Provide insight into Keywordslevel
  • Enables Project Management and provides Enterprise level content performance technologies
  • Includes effective integrations of digital platforms and API


Pricing for BrightEdge alternatives: $119.95/month for keyword analysis (148); $900/month (starts at 2,500 active contacts) $112; $49; WYSIWYG email editor

4. Raven

Raven SEO tool

A cloud-based SEO tool, white-label marketing report, and SEO auditing platform called Raven Tools is available to media organizations, agencies, independent contractors, and internal marketers. It controls social media interactions, online advertising, and search engine optimization.

Users of Raven Tools can research and analyze, follow search engine trends, keep an eye on social media, manage link building, manage ad campaigns, develop comprehensive campaign reports, and work together as a team.

Key Features

Marketing Reports – track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across various platforms to determine what is and is not working, as well as any adjustments that need to be made to your marketing plan.

Apply the competitor analysis tool-See how your competitors are performing, what keywords they are focusing on, and where their backlinks are coming from with the help of the competitor analysis tool.

Site Auditor is a tool -that swiftly examines your website to identify any desktop and mobile SEO problems that might prevent it from appearing high in search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In addition to tracking local and global rankings, SERP Keyword Rank Tracker allows you to schedule your domains and keywords and those of your competitors.

The other key features include keyword research, the significance of backlinks, and good social media execution.

Pricing Details

Raven pricing page

Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans are available from Raven. When you purchase a yearly membership in advance, the Basic plan costs $89 per month and the Pro plan costs $239 per month. The monthly costs are $149 for Basic and $399 for Pro without an annual subscription.

5. ContentKing

ContentKing seo tool

The only tool for real-time SEO monitoring and audits is ContentKing. ContentKing is the ideal solution if you want to monitor everything that occurs on your website.

Key Features

  • Keep track of changes to everything that has been occurring inside the pages and maintain a complete history of everything that has ever occurred, whether it was yesterday or a year ago.
  • With ContentKing’s tools for real-time, intelligent SEO auditing, make sure the website is in top condition and enhance search engine visibility.
  • Real-time dashboards that show all issues, page updates, alerts, and segments allow you to quickly visualize the data on the website and dive down to any level.
  • Get notified whenever anything occurs that could reduce productivity, such as when meta descriptions vanish from primary pages, links abruptly break, or important pages stop being indexable.
  • To concentrate auditing and optimization efforts, keep an eye on online properties around-the-clock and build segments for logical groups of pages depending on unique demands.

Pricing Details

ContentKing presents multiple plans: Basic ($33.00/month) and Standard ($75.00/month). At $126.50 a month, Pro. Enterprise for $550 monthly.

6. Silk Tide

SilkTide seo tool

With automated accessibility testing, content optimization, and SEO-focused digital marketing all available on one platform, Silktide in Derby wants to provide consumers with everything they need to improve their websites.

Key Features

  • Monitoring in real-time
  • Administration of websites
  • Process Management for SEO Event-Based Notifications
  • Event-Based Notifications and SEO Management Process Management
  • Managing Policy
  • Provides Versatile User experience with blending fast and trusted functionalities

Pricing Details

There are several pricing tiers offered by Silktide, usually determined by the number of reports needed (per month). Pricing ranges from $99 per month, which includes 50 reports, to $445 per month, which includes 250 reports per month.

7. Similar Web Pro

Similar Web Pro

SimilarWeb Pro is a BI (Business Intelligence) tool that uses the biggest worldwide internet panel to compile traffic data from any website and present it in aesthetically pleasing dashboards. SimilarWeb Pro is well-known for its competitive web measuring and online intelligence. It is a well-known BI tool that helps organizations monitor their health and make wiser decisions for long- or short-term planning.

With the aid of this instrument, companies like publishers and marketers can better see how they are performing compared to their rivals. Additionally, by comparing website traffic, businesses can improve their traffic and find new strategies to attract a wider audience.

Key Features

  • Marketing based on accounts.
  • Marketers of content.
  • Conversion Rate Improvement.
  • Demand Generation for Customer Data Platforms (CDP).
  • Internet analytics.
  • Email promotion.
  • Event Administration.

Price Structure

A free trial is available and customized Professional and Enterprise level plans

8. Serpstat

Serpstat seo tool

Serpstat is perfect for you if you’re seeking a less expensive alternative to programs like Moz, SEMrush, etc.

It’s one of the most cost-effective SEO toolkits and has many amazing features, including competitor research, backlink analysis, and keyword research.

Key Features

  • Site evaluation
  • A site audit
  • Conducting competitive analysis to identify your SEO and PPC rivals
  • keyword analysis
  • Rank monitoring tool
  • On-page review
  • To arrange terms by site pages, use a keyword clustering tool.
  • Provides specific reports
  • SERP Sifting

Pricing Details

Serpstat Pricing page

Serpstat offers 4 editions, ranging in price from $69 to $499. Serpstat also offers a free trial period. 

  • Lite plan at $69
  • Standart plan at $149
  • Advanced plan at $299
  • Enterprise plan at $499

9. Spyfu

Spyfu  seo tool

SpyFu, formerly known as GoogSpy, was founded in 2005.

The ability to discover the keywords that the majority of advertisers pay for to appear on Google AdWords is crucial.

Simply put, it can make it simple to identify all the profitable terms used by your rivals.

Key Features

You can choose from the following amazing features that SpyFu offers.

  • Analyzing SEO competitors
  • Rank Tracker, 
  • PPC Research,
  • SEO Reports and Keyword Research
  • Domain Overview, 
  • SERP Checker, Keyword Rank Checker, and more

Pricing Details

Your monthly cost for the basic plan is $33. (if billed annually)

You must pay $58 monthly for the professional plan (if billed annually)

You must pay $199 per month for Team Plan (if billed annually)

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Final Verdict: Best Moz Alternatives (2024)

You unquestionably need access to the greatest SEO tools if you want to enhance your website’s traffic and sales. Most SEO tools, like those from Moz, have the drawback of being pretty expensive. I created this list of the top 15 Moz alternatives because I realize that not everyone can actually afford them.

These Moz alternatives are much less expensive and provide you an advantage over your rivals by helping you uncover backlinks, analyze your websites, identify better keywords, and do a lot more.


What is Moz good for?

Moz is an all-in-one SEO software package that gives you new insights and equips you to stay competitive while assisting you in enhancing your search engine exposure.

Is there a free version of Moz?

You can use a Medium plan for free when you join up for the Moz Pro free trial.

Is Serpstat free?

Best for freelancers, SMBs, and individuals: 7 free days, then $69 per month. Every day, 4,000 searches are made for websites, keywords, and linkage analysis.

Which is considered the best Moz Alternatives?

Semrush is the best Moz alternative, but it is also advised to go through the other versions mentioned based on the particular application.

Can I get a discount on Semrush? 

Of course, you can get a 17% discount on a Semrush annual plan. 

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