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Sellics Coupon Code 2024: (Get Up To 25% Off)


Tired of searching for a Sellics coupon code on the internet? Well, you’re in luck because I have a working coupon offer just for you.

Many FBA tools are available in the market, but Sellics offers everything you need to start your journey. With Sellics, you can automate your PPC campaigns, increase traffic, and track profits. It has incredible advertising software that automates your PPC in just a few clicks. You can save a lot of time with the intelligent campaigns of Sellics.

Some of you find Sellics subscription expensive; that’s why I brought you this Sellics coupon code and also explained all the steps to claiming this coupon offer.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Available Sellics Discount Coupon Codes (2024)

You can find many coupons for Sellics on the internet. None of them are working right now because I tried them all myself. However, Sellics does offer pretty amazing deals on a few occasions, such as New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so on. You can find these deals when they come online on the website.

But as of right now, there is only one offer available where you can get 25% off on your purchase instantly. This offer is valid only for the annual plans of Sellics. This is the best deal you can get as of right now. So don’t wait around for some other deals, and go ahead and make your purchase.

How To Claim Sellics Coupon Code Easily

If you’re wondering how you are going to claim this offer, then just follow these steps in the same order to activate the offer for yourself. 

Step #1: If you visit the website directly, then you might see the offer. That’s why I created a unique discount link that will activate the offer for you as soon as you click on it. The link will redirect you to the official website of Sellics; from there, you need to click on the pricing option of Sellics.

Sellics Coupon Code - Overview

Step #2: There are three different pricing options available on Sellics. You need to select a plan based on your requirement. You also need to click on the annual option to apply the discount. You can not purchase the plan right away, and they will show you a demo of the plan you select. So you need to click on the “Request A Demo” option.

Sellics - Pricing

Step #3: Now, you need to enter your personal details in this step. You need to enter your email address, name, contact information, monthly advertising budget, company name, and primary marketplace. Click on the “Request Demo” option to get a demo of the Sellics.

Sellics - Create A Account

As soon as you complete the above steps, you will be contacted by the sales team of Sellics. They will show you a demo of all the premium features of Sellics and how they work. After that, you can create a new account on Sellics and make the purchase of the plan you’ve selected.

How To Activate Sellics Free Trial?

If you want to test the capabilities of Sellics yourself, then you can activate the 7-day free trial of Sellics by following these easy steps.

Step #1: Go to the Sellics website through this link. Click on the “Start 7-day free trial” button to move to the next step.

Click On Start 7-Day Free Trial

Step #2: Now, you need to answer a few questions to create an account on Sellics. Answer all the questions based on your requirements and move to the next step.

Answer A Few Questions On Sellics

Step #3: On the sign up you need to enter your name, email address, business name, and password.

Create Your Account On Sellics

Step #4: Now, you need to connect Sellics with your Amazon Seller account to start the free trial.

Connect Your Amazon Account With Sellics

Your free trial will get activated after these steps. If you don’t want to pay for the service, then cancel the free trial before it ends.

Pricing Plans of Sellics

In the above section, I have explained that you can choose among three pricing options of Sellics. Now I will explain the pricing & features of all those plans in detail.


1. Sellics Benchmarker Plan: You don’t need to pay for this plan. You can use this plan forever. You can only get competitive insights, performance funnel analysis, benchmarker analysis, PPC video tutorials, ASIN-level opportunity audit, monthly performance review, account structure analysis, and PPC guides.

2. Advertising Advisor Plan: The quarterly version of the Advertising Advisor plan costs $349/mo, and the annual version starts at $259/mo. It includes all the basic plan features. This plan also gives you access to benchmark deep dives, personalized onboarding, Sellics brilliant campaigns, mobile app, Sellics SEO, Amazon PPC coaching, budget optimization, strategic goal setting, and Sellics AI advertising platform.

3. Managed Services Plan: The quarterly version of the Managed Services plan starts at $1599/mo, and the annual version starts at $1249/mo. It includes all the Advertising Advisor plan features. This plan also gives you access to budget optimization, regular KPI reporting, ongoing campaign optimization, and PPC campaign management.

So there you have it all the plans of Sellics are explained in detail. Now you can make your decision based on this data quickly.

Who Is Sellics Best For? 

Sellics is the best tool for Amazon sellers who want to ease all their stats under one roof. Sellics helps you to run and boost your business more effectively. Its data is updated every 5 minutes which helps you in analyzing every ratio of your profit and sales. Although, there are many of data to digest dashboard of Sellics carries this out. 

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Conclusion: Sellics Coupon Codes (2024)

Whether you are Amazon Seller or Vendor, Sellics is made for everyone. It offers some fantastic features that can help you kickstart your business without any hassle. You will also get your hands on some fantastic products such as Vendor Edition of Sellics, Amazon PPC Software, AI optimization, advertising, keyword tracking tool, and Sellics SEO.

You can save your money with this Sellics coupon code. Let me know what you think of Sellics in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is Sellics free trial? 

On Sellics, you will get 7 days of free trial for its new users. You can also use its free plan so that you can analyze monthly reports and ongoing campaigns.

Which marketplace does Sellics support?

Sellics supports marketplace like India, Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Canada.

Is there any money-back guarantee on Sellice?

Sellics offer 30 days of refund policy for all its subscribers. If you find that Sellics doesn’t fulfill your need, then you can claim your full refund.

How much is Sellics secure?

Sellics is a very secure platform because it follows the GDPR and USA law which keeps your data and payment information safe and secure.

How much discount do get on Sellics? 

You can easily claim 25% discount on Sellics using our exclusive coupon code. 

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