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Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, is a recognized sales strategist in the highly competitive B2B marketplace. She helps her clients crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and win more contracts.

In 2007, she launched the Sales Shebang , the web's #1 resource & 1st conference for smart, savvy women who sell to the corporate market.

Jill is often featured in top business publications such as The New York Times, Business Journal, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Sales & Marketing Management, Rain Today, Marketing Profs and Selling Power as well as countless online magazines.

As a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and association events, Jill provides fresh perspectives and a much-needed wake up call to sales organizations. Her Selling to Big Companies website, industry-acclaimed blog and popular e-newsletter are filled with breakthrough strategies, serious provocation and practical how-to advice.


Best-selling author Jill Konrath releases new book, Get Back to Work Faster, free to job seekers.

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St. Paul, Minnesota - June 17, 2009 - Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, has written a new book designed to help out-of-work professionals put an end to their job search struggles.  Get Back to Work Faster, which will will change how job seekers look at job hunting for good, is currently available for download free at  

"This isn't a book that will teach job seekers how to write a better resume, dress for interviews or discuss benefits, said Konrath.  "Instead, Get Back to Work Faster will teach job seekers how to eliminate that ordeal entirely."

In Get Back to Work Faster, job seekers will learn proven techniques to get the attention of decision makers and how to effectively differentiate themselves from others.

They'll also learn:  

  • Why they must stop playing the old game if they want to get a job more quickly.
  • How to sharpen their value proposition so that it appeals to employers.
  • How to identify untapped opportunities and impress employers with their knowledge.
  • Ways to become the "must hire" candidate, without competitors.

The book, Get Back to Work Faster, began when Konrath, a best-selling sales expert, started seeing friends and family lose their jobs through no fault of their own.  Drawing on her 20+ years as a business consultant, she starting writing a short ebook for her friends detailing how she has created jobs and projects for herself out of thin air - even when an employer had no money in the budget.  The book soon stretched to nearly 200 pages and found a publisher.

"I'm not the typical career consultant and I think that's a very good thing," said Konrath. "Right now, job seekers are struggling to stand out from the hundreds of others trying to get the attention of hiring managers. Resumes and cover letters aren't working because hiring managers are completely overwhelmed--but I've been teaching sellers how to effectively overcome those very same hurdles for years.  It's the exact same issue."

Konrath first started coaching job creation strategies to friends over 25 years ago and has been practicing them herself ever since - doing work she loves in companies that she wants to work for. Over the years, she’s turned down many lucrative job offers herself, preferring to run her own business.  

Get Back to Work Faster will be published in paperback in Fall 2009, but is available online for download now at 

Job seekers who download Get Back to Work Faster will also be invited to free job hunting and job creation webinars featuring authors such as Keith Ferrazzi, Pamela Slim and Dan Schawbel. The website also includes links to nontraditional resources and tools that will help job seekers with their search.

About Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath is a leading-edge sales strategist and business adviser who helps sellers crack into corporate accounts, speed up their sales cycle and achieve their revenue growth goals. As a thought leader in the selling and marketing arena, Konrath speaks frequently to corporate sales forces and industry associations. She is the author of Selling to Big Companies, which has been an Amazon Top 25 sales book for the past three years. Most recently, Selling to Big Companies was selected by Fortune Magazine as one of eight"must read" sales books.

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