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The Change Imperative

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What do you do when decision makers don't answer their phones, all you reach is voicemail and no one calls you back? It's a challenge we're all facing these days - and it's a tough one.

Several years ago my business was decimated when my two biggest clients (under intense pressure from Wall Street to deliver better shareholder value) suspended all external consulting. Instead of having the next two quarters booked solid, I was left with nothing on my plate –- nada, zip, zilch, zero.

When I finally recovered from the shock and started prospecting again, it was nearly impossible to reach a corporate decision maker on the phone. Initially, since I'd never had trouble getting in the door before, I was totally stymied with what was happening. So I made more calls and more calls - and still met with no success.

As someone who prides herself on being a leading-edge sales strategist, it was very humbling. Believe me, I know exactly what you're struggling with. And I know how discouraging it can be. For a while I even thought about going back to waitressing again!


But then I challenged myself to figure out what it would take to entice corporate decision makers to return my calls and invite me in. I knew there had to be a way. I just had to find it.

First I studied what was going on in the large corporations and how that impacted my potential prospects. I felt their stress from the huge workload they carried, the constant reorganizations, impossible deadlines and unreachable objectives.

I realized that if I was in their position, I would protect my time from all unnecessary interruptions - and that meant sellers who wanted to learn about my company and tell me about their offerings. I also realized that I'd stay with the status quo as long as I could. Change meant more work - and I already had more than enough on my plate.

Then I began experimenting with different approaches to capture their attention. I knew it needed to be short and to the point, but finding the right words wasn't easy. Finally I started getting return phone calls and was able to set up appointments.

At that point, I sharpened and fine-tuned the strategies till l I was sure they were replicable by anyone in business-to-business sales who was willing to invest the time. When I started training sellers on this new way to crack into corporate accounts, they saw immediate results.

They were floored by the process. It was totally different from what they'd been using and required them to rethink their entire approach. But it worked. And it positioned them so well for sales success.

Corporate decision makers viewed them as valuable resources who could help them improve their business. Typical objections such as "We're already working with XYZ Company" or "It's not in the budget" literally disappeared. Hard to believe, but true.

But it happened because we re-jiggered their sales approach, did the requisite pre-work and crafted a highly relevant and compelling value proposition - which was then integrated into their newly developed account entry campaign.

Now this entire process is available to you in the Getting Into Big Companies sales system. It's time to learn more about this kick-butt advice that's guaranteed to shake up your sales process and produce measurable results.


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