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Selling to Big Companies Book BIG NEWS: Fortune selects as "Must-Read" sales book, Sept. 08

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Business Value

How much is having an Iron-Clad Sales System worth to you?

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With the Getting Into Big Companies Sales System, you'll be able to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls, snares and common missteps of traditional sales approaches?

  • Have access to a proven, field-tested sales system that has generated millions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of companies?

  • Develop a consistent approach to selling and stop playing “sales roulette”?

  • Stop attracting the “little fish” and start pulling in the “big kahuna”?

  • Start being appreciated for your value and stop being treated like a commodity?

  • Create a predictable revenue stream with large corporations where there's even more growth potential?

Would all these things and more be worth $10,000? $5,000? $1,000? Well, the Getting Into Big Companies Sales System is less than that. A LOT less.

Increased productivity in the penetration of larger prospects…

Your teleseminars provided a unique and convenient way to deliver valuable information to me and my sales staff. As always your insight and perspective on the life of the modern salesperson and our role in today's changing business world is refreshing and motivating. I thought I'd let you know that these seminars have contributed a great deal to my sales staff's retention of these concepts resulting in increased productivity in the penetration of larger prospects. We focus on "bigger fish" now. Thank you.

Joe Hamilton,
National Director of Sales & Marketing, Environmental Data Management

It goes without saying that Getting into Big Company's Premium CD Package - which includes a 150 page workbook and all 12 CDs ($349) is worth its weight in gold.

If you follow just a few of the strategies in this system, you'll more than recoup your investment. In fact, the payback will be far beyond what you paid for it.

When you order the Getting Into Big Companies Sales System, there's no risk to you! If for some reason you're less than 100% thrilled, I'll refund the total price of your order. All I ask is that you give the system a fair try - read all the material, listen to all the audio, do all the exercises and really use it as your field guide for your sales process - for 90 days.

Invest in the Getting Into
Big Companies Sales System Today

$349.00 when you order the Premium CD Package with all 12 CDs plus the 150 page companion workbook

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The Only Thing Left Is….

Will you invest in your sales future? Selling to big companies is tough. Really tough. Big companies have all but built a moat around their offices. If you're not using the Getting Into Big Companies Sales System, and you're waiting for someone to call you back - don't hold your breath!

So, will you invest in a system that's been proven time-and-time-again to increase the top AND bottom lines for many, many companies?


Remember, this is NOT a fancy-dancy studio-produced program. These audio programs were recorded LIVE during Jill Konrath's teleseminars
. You'll hear some popping "P's." Sometimes the sound quality is inconsistent. But the information is invaluable - and that's why you're getting it!



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